Friday, April 10, 2009

Indonesian legislative election, 2009

Legislative elections for the 132 seats of the Regional Representatives Council and the 560 seats of the People's Representative Council were held in Indonesia on 9 April 2009. Over 60 parties registered for the elections, but only 34 originally met the eligibility requirements. However, on 15 August, following a successful legal challenge, another four parties were permitted to join the contest, making 38 in total. The total number of candidates is 11,219.


A total of 38 parties met the requirements to be allowed to participate in the national elections, with a further six contesting in Aceh only. Among the requirements is that 30 percent of candidates are women. The table shows the parties together with the numbers they will use during the campaign and that will appear on the ballot papers.

Number Party Ideology Chair
Parties contesting nationally
1 People's Conscience Party (Partai Hati Nurani Rakyat, Partai Hanura) Pancasila Wiranto
2 Concern for the Nation Functional Party (Partai Karya Peduli Bangsa) Pancasila H.R. Hartono
3 Indonesian Workers and Employers Party (Partai Pengusaha dan Pekerja Indonesia) Pancasila Daniel Hutapea
4 National People's Concern Party (Partai Peduli Rakyat Nasional) Pancasila Amelia Achmad Yani
5 Great Indonesia Movement Party (Partai Gerakan Indonesia Raya, Gerindra) Pancasila Suhardi
6 National Front Party (Partai Barisan Nasional, Barnas) Pancasila Vence Rumangkang
7 Indonesian Justice and Unity Party (Partai Keadilan dan Persatuan Indonesia) Pancasila Meutia Farida Swasono
8 Prosperous Justice Party (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera) Islam Tifatul Sembiring
9 National Mandate Party (Partai Amanat Nasional) Pancasila Sutrisno Bachir
10 New Indonesia Party of Struggle (Partai Perjuangan Indonesia Baru) Pancasila Kartini Syahrir
11 Sovereignty Party (Partai Kedaulatan) Pancasila Oesman Sapta
12 Regional Unity Party (Partai Persatuan Daerah) Pancasila Adhie M Massardi
13 National Awakening Party (Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa) Pancasila Muhamin Iskandar
14 Indonesian Youth Party (Partai Pemuda Indonesia) 1945 Constitution & Pancasila Hasanuddin Yusuf
15 Indonesian National Party Marhaenism (Partai Nasional Indonesia Marhaenisme) Teachings of Sukarno Sukmawati Sukarnoputri
16 Democratic Renewal Party (Partai Demokrasi Pembaruan, PDP) Pancasila Roy BB Janis
17 Functional Party of Struggle (Partai Karya Perjuangan) Pancasila Jackson Kumaat
18 National Sun Party(Partai Matahari Bangsa) Islam Imam Addaruqutni
19 Indonesian Democratic Vanguard Party (Partai Penegak Demokrasi Indonesia) Pancasila Mentik Budiwiyono
20 Democratic Nationhood Party (Partai Demokrasi Kebangsaan) Pancasila Ryaas Rasyid
21 Archipelago Republic Party (Partai Republik Nusantara) Pancasila Syarir MS
22 Vanguard Party (Partai Pelopor) Pancasila Eko Suryo Sancoyo
23 Golkar Party (Partai Golongan Karya) Pancasila Jusuf Kalla
24 United Development Party (Partai Persatuan Pembangunan) Islam Suryadharma Ali
25 Prosperous Peace Party (Partai Damai Sejahtera) Pancasila Ruyandi Hutasoit
26 Indonesian National Populist Fortress Party (Partai Nasional Benteng Kerakyatan Indonesia) Nationalism Erros Djarot
27 Crescent Star Party (Partai Bulan Bintang) Islam MS Kaban
28 Indonesian Democratic Party-Struggle (Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan) Pancasila Megawati Sukarnoputri
29 Reform Star Party (Partai Bintang Reformasi) Islam Bursah Zarnubi
30 Patriot Party (Partai Patriot) Pancasila Yapto S Soemarno
31 Democratic Party (Partai Demokrat) Pancasila Hadi Utomo
32 Indonesian Democratic Party of Devotion (Partai Kasih Demokrasi Indonesia) Pancasila Roy Rening
33 Prosperous Indonesia Party (Partai Indonesia Sejahtera) Pancasila Budiyanto Darmastono
34 Ulema National Awakening Party (Partai Kebangkitan Nasional Ulama) Islam Choirul Anam
41 Freedom Party (Partai Merdeka) Pancasila &
1945 Constitution
Rosmawi Hasan
42 Indonesian Nahdlatul Community Party (Partai Persatuan Nahdlatul Ummah Indonesia) Islam Syukron Ma'mun
43 Indonesian Unity Party (Partai Sarikat Indonesia) Pancasila Rahardjo Tjakraningrat
44 Labor Party (Partai Buruh) Pancasila Muchtar Pakpahan
Parties contesting in Aceh only
35 Prosperous and Safe Aceh Party (Partai Aceh Aman Sejahtera) - Ghazali Abbas Adan
36 Aceh Sovereignty Party (Partai Daulat Atjeh) - Nurkalis
37 Independent Voice of the Acehnese Party (Partai Suara Independen Rakyat Aceh, SIRA) - Taufiq Abda
38 Aceh People's Party (Partai Rakyat Aceh) - Ridwan H Mukthar
39 Aceh Party (Partai Aceh) - Muzakkir Manaf
40 Aceh Unity Party (Partai Bersatu Aceh)